5 Reasons to Start Studying Mathematics Right Now

In this article we tell how this science helps you win in life and prove your point.

5 Reasons to Start Studying Mathematics Right Now

Why understand math?

You need to understand math in order to live consciously. Why do you need to know Shaekspire's poems? To immerse yourself in culture. What is Brodsky for? The same reason. What do you need the basics of physics for? To get in an airplane and know why it flies and doesn't fall.

"If you have a need to figure something out and understand something, then you are fulfilling your destiny. I'm convinced a person's purpose is to comprehend something, to toil."

Some people work with a shovel - it is a worthy profession. Someone works with his head - it is also a worthy profession. But if a person doesn't work in any way, but rolls around on his couch, dumbfucks on social media, and leads the couch troops forward, he's moving away from his purpose.

It helps to solve everyday problems

Here is an example of a task which I solve every day. I need to visit 10 places in Moscow, and therefore - to plan my day intelligently, to be attentive to time. This is the most complicated optimization task, and if I solve it not systematically, not mathematically, it takes twice as much time.

"I've seen similar problems solved by people who are far removed from mathematics: 'Where to go now? This way. Now where? This way." They're describing a star around town and at the fifth place they think, 'It's 10 p.m. and I haven't had time to do anything' .

This is an example of how math education, the culture associated with math, provides a tremendous life savings. It's almost a daily practice for me.

Mathematics develops the brain

It's important to understand that math is a direct way to keep yourself intellectually toned. The most direct, there is nothing more direct.

In general, how does the brain work? It wants to be lazy, it wants to engage in chit-chat, arguments on LiveJournal or somewhere else. The brain doesn't want to learn, it has to be forced, that's what we're really called to do. I keep saying that. We were created. We are God's creation. We have to be smart, we have to think and grow intellectually all the time.

Math gives you confidence

There's a lot more confidence in life with math. You understand what's going on: you get on a plane and you know why it's flying. You're not trembling that it's about to fall, you're sitting calmly in your seat. When you accelerate twice in a car, you realize that you are subjecting yourself to four times as many fractures if something happens, because the energy of motion will be transferred to your fractures.

Braking distance, again. Some people drive their cars down alleys in Izmailovo and other Moscow bedroom communities. I would love to explain to them what they are doing: by doubling their speed, they quadruple their braking distance. God forbid, someone jumps out on the street in front of them. But there's no explaining that to them.

It helps to prove one's point.

One person held a math seminar in his office. Before that, we had a collaboration on my channel, before which he said that he did not need mathematics at all. I showed him the golden ratio, which he doesn't like, and I told him about paving. He looked at it and said, "Alex, I have a lot of design ideas. I was wrong".

That is, if you don't know the theory of paving, you're not going to make a wallpaper design related to fifteen pentagon paving. And if you do know, you can do something completely unbelievable and beat other designers who aren't aware of it.

Math helps you win

If you don't know good math, you won't write a fast algorithm, but if you do, you will and beat everyone else. The idea is that you can't benefit from what you don't know.

There's an anecdote like this:

- Teacher, am I going to need all this math of yours in my life?
- No, you won't, only smart kids will use it.

That's right: the person who asks himself whether he needs mathematics has already let laziness get a hold of him. This is why all my lectures are addressed to those who are looking for mathematics. Those who neither avoid it nor justify themselves by saying that it will not come in handy, because the prognosis will then come true. And if he doesn't avoid it, it will come in handy.

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