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There are hundreds of business and management specializations; books covering all of these areas certainly cannot be read by a human. However, among the rest, there are several must-have diamonds that will suit almost any area of business or management interest. There are project management essentials (PDF download available), business management e-books for free download, and other business books. The PDF format is the most popular.

In order for a company to survive in the super competitive modern world, the owner – as well as the upper and middle management – ​​has to deal with a lot of completely different topics like IT infrastructure, cyber security, modern finance and others.

Let's take a look at several handpicked books (those are available in PDF, audion, kindle formats as well) that our readers strongly recommend to look at in 2021!

TOP 10 Business Management Books PDF

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Money: Master the game Money: Master the game A book by Anthony Robbins
1 0
Accounting all-in-one for dummies PDF
Accounting all-in-one for dummies A book by Kenneth Boyd, Lita Epstein, ISBN 978-1118758007
0 9
Principles of financial management PDF
Principles of financial management A book by Sheridan Titman, Arthur Keown, John Martin, ISBN 978-0134417219
0 8
GMAT Foundations of Math PDF
GMAT Foundations of Math A book by Manhattan Prep, ISBN 978-1506249230
0 7
Life-Span Human Development PDF
Life-Span Human Development A book by Carol Sigelman, Elizabeth Rider, ISBN 978-0357373651
0 6
The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs PDF
The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs A book by J. Scott, ISBN 978-1947200128
0 5
Becoming Bulletproof PDF
Becoming Bulletproof A book by Evy Poumpouras, ISBN 978-1982103750
0 4
How to win friends and influence people PDF
How to win friends and influence people A book by Dale Carnegie, ISBN 978-1439167342
0 3
48 laws of power PDF
48 laws of power A book by Robert Greene , ISBN 978-1861974044
0 2
Think and Grow Rich PDF
Think and Grow Rich A book by Napoleon Hill, ISBN 1441407898
0 1
Rich dad poor dad PDF
Rich dad poor dad A book by Robert Kiyosaki, ISBN 978-1612680194

New Business Books

The millionaire real estate agent PDF
The millionaire real estate agent A book by Gary Keller, Dave Jenks, Jay Papasan, ISBN 978-0071444040
Thinking Mathematically PDF
Thinking Mathematically A book by J. Mason, L. Burton, K. Stacey, ISBN 978-0273728917
Social Psychology 13th Edition PDF
Social Psychology 13th Edition A book by David Myers, ISBN 978-1260397116
Using and understanding mathematics PDF
Using and understanding mathematics A book by Jeffrey Bennett, William Briggs, ISBN B07R8FZ3D4
Credit secrets PDF
Credit secrets A book by Scott Moss, ISBN 978-1801680776
Econometric analysis Greene PDF
Econometric analysis Greene A book by William Greene, ISBN 978-0134461366
The book on investing in real estate PDF
The book on investing in real estate A book by Brandon Turner, ISBN 978-1947200975
Entrepreneurship: starting and operating a small business PDF
Entrepreneurship: starting and operating a small business A book by Steve Mariotti, Caroline Glackin, ISBN 978-0134072074
Entrepreneurship: the practice and mindset PDF
Entrepreneurship: the practice and mindset A book by Heidi Neck, Christopher Neck, Emma Murray, ISBN 978-1544354620
1 0
Essentials of organizational behavior PDF
Essentials of organizational behavior A book by Stephen Robbins, Timothy Judge, ISBN 978-0133973013
1 1
Sociology: A Brief Introduction PDF
Sociology: A Brief Introduction A book by Richard Schaefer, ISBN 978-1260259285
1 2
Security policies and implementation issues PDF
Security policies and implementation issues A book by Robert Johnson, Chuck Easttom, ISBN 978-1284199840
1 3
Practical Strategies for Technical Communication PDF
Practical Strategies for Technical Communication A book by Mike Markel, Stuart Selber, ISBN 978-1319245023
1 4
Polyneering Strategy Guidebook PDF
Polyneering Strategy Guidebook A book by W. Wilson, ISBN 978-1265664855
1 5
Managerial Economics PDF
Managerial Economics A book by Christopher Thomas, ISBN 978-1260004755
1 6
Master Lehman Brothers PDF
Master Lehman Brothers A book by Oonagh McDonald, ISBN 978-1784993405
1 7
Business and Society PDF
Business and Society A book by Anne Lawrence, James Weber, ISBN 978-1260043662
1 8
Marketing management by Philip Kotler, 15th edition PDF
Marketing management by Philip Kotler, 15th edition A book by Philip Kotler, ISBN 978-0133856460
1 9
The Speaker's Primer PDF
The Speaker's Primer A book by Joseph M. Valenzano III, Stephen W. Braden, Melissa Broeckelman-Post, ISBN 978-1680363210
2 0
Fundamentals of Engineering Economics PDF
Fundamentals of Engineering Economics A book by John White, KellieGrasman, Kenneth Case, ISBN 978-1119761051
2 1
Your Brain's Not Broken PDF
Your Brain'`'s Not Broken A book by Tamara Rosie, ISBN 978-0800741334
2 2
American government: power and purpose PDF
American government: power and purpose A book by Theodore Lowi, Benjamin Ginsberg, Kenneth Shepsle, Stephen Ansolabehere, ISBN 978-0393538946
2 3
Global Business Today PDF
Global Business Today A book by Charles Hill, ISBN 978-1266103148
2 4
Social Media Marketing 4th Edition PDF
Social Media Marketing 4th Edition A book by Tracy Tuten, ISBN 978-1529731989
2 5
Business communication a problem-solving approach PDF
Business communication a problem-solving approach A book by Kathryn Rentz, Paula Lentz, ISBN 978-1259565878
2 6
Introduction to management science PDF
Introduction to management science A book by Bernard Taylor, ISBN 978-0133778847
2 7
Macroeconomics: theories and policies PDF
Macroeconomics: theories and policies A book by Richard Froyen, ISBN 978-0132831529
2 8
Introduction to business information systems PDF
Introduction to business information systems A book by Brad Prince, Kelly Rainer, ISBN 978-1119607564
2 9
3 0
ISE International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace PDF
3 1
Business Model Generation PDF
Business Model Generation A book by Alex Osterwalder, ISBN 978-0470876411
3 2
Money master the game PDF
Money master the game A book by Anthony Robbins, ISBN 9781501105289
3 3
Business Made Simple PDF
Business Made Simple A book by Donald Miller (Author, Narrator), HarperCollins Leadership (Publisher)
3 4
Schweser FRM Part I Secret Sauce PDF
Schweser FRM Part I Secret Sauce A book by Schweser, Kaplan, ISBN 978-1475459944
3 5
The Intelligent Investor PDF
The Intelligent Investor A book by Benjamin Graham
3 6
The Essential Manager’s Handbook PDF
The Essential Manager’s Handbook A book by Hugo Wilkinson, ISBN 9781465454683
3 7
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck PDF
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck A book by Mark Manson
3 8
Atomic Habits PDF
Atomic Habits A book by James Clear (Author, Narrator), Penguin Audio (Publisher)
3 9
Corporate Finance 11th Edition PDF
Corporate Finance 11th Edition A book by Stephen Ross

Best business books for beginners

Starting new business requires a lot. It requires patience, confidence, investments, persuasion. Not the least, it requires information and expertize. Our world is full of information - helpful and not. The challenge is to filter it and pull the true gems to educate youself.

We have put altogether the best ever business books for beginners (some of them are available for free download in PDF format). There are old-fashioned textbooks staying side-by-side with modern, perfectly ilustrated guides.

Business management books PDF

Apart from the business books PDF, we strongly recommend to try the best selling audible books. This format allows to save enormous amount of time and to consume high quality information while you are driving or having a walk.

Business management for dummies can seem an easy one compared to Computer Science, Artificaial Intelligence or other modern high-tech niches. However, it is management skills that makes a new technology live.

Business book PDF

Our exceptional collection of e-books is also accompanied by a number of interesting paperback business books to read. Sometimes reading a hard copy gives an (almost forgotten) feeling of something really important.

What is the list of essential books you should read to make your business profitable and successful? Well, the more you read - the better your results, but honestly, there's too much information these days to cover in a human lifetime! Therefore, we have collected both the most in-demand and best-selling business books. We think these are the best business ebooks for dummies.

We have not mentioned here books such as, for example, ITIL Practitioner's Guide - PDF free download available on our website. The ebooks below are of a more general and introductory genre, suitable (and worth reading) for a beginner who is starting his activity.

Business Management Books PDF free download

Modern business administration books (PDF format available) cover a wide range of disciplines that combine different functions: from risk management to resource management and marketing. We recommend that you take a look at project management in an IT company in general, describe the main functions of a manager (each of which includes thousands of sub-functions and even more diverse tasks) and debunk some persistent and harmful myths.

The key question that is usually considered in business books is: How is a manager different from a subordinate? In fact, the main difference lies in the responsibility for the result. The manager is responsible for the result of the whole team. With this in mind, neither problem solving nor salary is the primary differentiator between a subordinate and a leader.

The main task of the manager is to plan the entire process. Let's take the simplest ones: for example, a startup starts, and the manager's task is to plan what should happen and in what time frames. "When do I have to rent an office? When should I hire a team? When is it necessary to perform this or that task? A detailed plan determines the completeness and ease of implementation, combines organizational issues with the tasks set by the project. The better you rank tasks, the more effectively you will be able to control the progress of the project.

Business books PDF: free download

Roughly speaking, we have to care for people: in particular, we have to care for jobs, materials, technology for them. Each professional manager is obliged to create all conditions to perform the task, first of all, to take care of the elementary everyday comfort of his subordinates' workplace. Hence, the formalization of processes and policies in the company, the convenience of communicating with customers, which can sometimes bear the mind of the most persistent programmer, qualitatively formalized tasks and a reasonable time frame for their implementation. An example of an exemplary organization are the famous Google offices, where everything, including the daily routine, is to make a person happy in the office than at home.

As several authors of business management books show, a high quality organization of everyday life directly affects the productivity and mood of the company, no matter how many people there are, and therefore you should not ignore the needs of colleagues. It is often more profitable to buy a good coffee and rent a comfortable office than it is to look for new, over-skilled employees and train them in the specifics of their work.

TOP 10 Business Management Books PDF

Here is the list of formats available on our website for busiess books:

PDF Kindle Audible ePub Paperback Hardcover

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