How to win friends and influence people

A book by Dale Carnegie, ISBN 978-1439167342

How to Win Friends & Influence People PDF is a self help book written by Dale Carnegie. Published in 1936, it has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. It was originally titled “How to Win Friends and Influence Men”, but after a legal dispute with his publisher, he changed the title to “How to Win friends and influence people”.

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How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

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You can go after your dreams...and achieve them! You can take what you've got...and make it better! You can take any circumstance you're in...and turn it into something positive! Since its release back in 1936, How to Make Money Selling Anything has sold more than 15 MILLION copies. Dale Carnegie's classic guide to selling has helped millions of people sell their ideas, products, services, and themselves.

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As relevant as ever, Dale Carnegie's principles remain, and will help you reach your full potential in today's complex and competitive world. Learn the six ways to get people to like you, the twelve methods to persuade others to your way of thinking and the nine ways to influence them without causing resentment.

How to win friends and influence people PDF review by booklady (Goodreads)

Re-read (rather than read again) this, as I had promised myself I would do when I got it a couple of years ago. I really think the subtitle is misleading. It should say, How to Have Healthiest, Happiest and Most Positive Relationships with People, or something along those lines. This time I actually got around to putting some of the principles of the book into practice when tutored an unwilling seventh grader. Receiving C's and F's and being able to read at third grade level, "M", is not unintelligent. He is just one (of many) children who have been pushed through the system ready, or not.

How to win friends and influence people PDF review by Miss Marie (Amazon)

I would like to start my review by saying I am very disappointed in the title of this book. I understand that it was meant to attract readers' attention, but the title doesn't really reflect what the book is about. This book is not intended to help people make new friends; rather, it is a guidebook for those already working in an office setting. In short, don't let the title fool you into thinking this book is just another "self-help" book.

How to win friends and influence people PDF review by Anniebananie (Goodreads)

I always find it quite difficult to rate such guides (is that categorized correctly?). Because every person is very different, has received different values ​​and may perceive the same situation very differently than the other person.

Nevertheless, one has to admit that the book is well structured with 4 different parts, each of which conveys different rules for harmonious and productive cooperation. You are reminded of values ​​that should actually be self-evident and yet are often forgotten in our hectic everyday life.

To be honest, I was glad that I wasn't able to take away too much from the beginning of the book, because that shows that maybe I'm not acting too much like the ax in the forest after all. Nevertheless, I was able to take away some good tips for myself, because I read the book because I now have to lead/instruct people professionally as a supervisor for the first time. But I was really able to take a lot with me, which I will internalize in the near future, I even made extra notes for it.

In summary, I would say that Carnegie doesn't reinvent the wheel here, but prepares it well and uses small stories to playfully bring us step by step closer to how we should treat each other.

How to win friends and influence people PDF review by livinginthenorm (Amazon)

This was the first self-help book I ever read at the age of 12. Being a depressed and lonely child with few friends, I came across this book at my local library. Searching on the computer's library catalogue: "how to get better friends", and this was what came up. Little did i know this book was going tp essentially become a bible for me in developing my self-esteem throughout my adolescence. I took this book with mme everywhere I went, including to my camping trips with the boy scouts. At first glance, uou may read the principles in thiis book and go: "This is just common sense". However, you may have also heard that quote: "Common sense isn't common." How many of us actually make an effort to genuinely laugh and be empathetic toward others? How many of us jump to criticize others without considering the other persons point of view? How much of us condemn others without thinking about it won't make them want to change their minds?

How to win friends and influence people PDF review by Rahma.Mrk (Goodreads)

After closing the book, I did not find that it added much to me except the last part of it and the rule of non-argument or, as he said, a move away from the discussion, and this is a very important point.
Throughout the four chapters, I found him repeating the same ideas and rules, which are summarized in the following:
* Appreciating and encouraging others
* Good listening to others and attention to what he loves.
* Smiling and using tact in dialogue and avoiding command language
* Admitting a mistake when we make a mistake and avoiding intransigence and justification
* Remember the dates of birth of your friends, their hobbies and their favorite names.
* When you face a problem at work, for example, motivate:
Competition and challenge
Noble motives in the end: honesty, honesty and commitment to the covenant.
So I did not add anything new except the part I mentioned.

*An important point, I added an extra star for the last part, and I really advise men and women to read it. The art of dealing with men and women.
I think we all need these advice from an expert person type M. Far from the advice of our mothers, fathers and our surroundings.

*** It is worth mentioning that there is a similarity between this book and the book “The Art of Seduction” first in giving many examples and secondly that it calls for the use of intelligence and civility to win friends. And there is a similarity between it and the book “Do not be sad” (which I also did not like).
Perhaps because of my frequent reading of human development, or perhaps for other reasons that made me see him as normal. or
It is not my cup of tea.


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How to win friends and influence people reviews
Margaret Hu Milan

Got a PDF Kindle cversion of How to win friends and influence people - I guess a hardcopy would be better. Dale Carnegie is a top-level prefessional
How to win friends and influence people reviews
Michele Matteo Garcia Pasadena

No doubt How to win friends and influence people is a must-read for any entrepreneur. Many thanks Dale Carnegie for this book!
How to win friends and influence people reviews
Katherine Paris

I am surprised! Thank you Dale Carnegie for this outstanding book - How to win friends and influence people is surely among the best