CFM meaning

CFM stands for Certified Financial Manager (USA) is a certificate confirming the qualification of a specialist in corporate finance. To achieve the CFM level, it is necessary to obtain a CMA certificate and pass an additional Corporate Financial Management exam - corporate financial management (110 test multiple-choice questions of different difficulty levels in three hours). You can take the exam in Europe or in the USA.

CFM meaning

What is CFM?

A Chartered Financial Manager is a professional accounting designation for individuals who have passed the CFM exam and met the requirements of the Institute of Management Accountants. This designation is similar to that of Certified Management Accountants, but it places more emphasis on corporate finance than actual production logistics.

The education requirements to become a CFA are quite extensive. Applicants must complete a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, or a degree with similar coursework, including financial and economic concepts related to managing and running a business, including management, management accounting, corporate finance, ethics, and decision making. They must also have at least two years of professional or managerial experience. In addition to formal education requirements, candidates must pass a four-part examination and written communication requirements before accreditation is granted.

CFM is a professional designation provided by the Institute of Management Accountants to financial managers. These professionals receive specialized training in the study of how accounting and financial information is used by managers in making current or future business decisions. However, it is mandatory for members to fulfill a work experience requirement and provide proof of continuing education.

CFM meaning


A student who has successfully obtained the Postgraduate Certificate in Financial Management is eligible for articulation to the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration at U21Global. In addition, he can also apply for credit transfer for relevant subjects taken under the Postgraduate Certificate within the last five years.

Admission criteria

Each candidate is considered on their individual merit. You can be admitted to the program by meeting the following criteria:

A bachelor's degree from a recognized university is essential for admission to the CFM program. Unqualified applicants will require a minimum of 8 years of professional experience relevant to the job of which five years must be in management capacity.At least two years of managerial or professional experience for applicants with a minimum GMAT score of 600.At least three years of managerial or professional experience for candidates without GMAT.Confirmation of English proficiency for applicants who do not have English as their first language and have not even undertaken tertiary education in English.A statement of motivation for success through a 500-word essay.Two references of which at least one should be familiar with the applicant's career.


The Certified Financial Manager program is designed to identify the distinctive skills and knowledge of professionals involved in management accounting. The main objectives of this certification program are:

Establish management accountants as recognized professions, identifying the role of the professional, the core body of knowledge, and a course of study through which that knowledge is gained.Encourage higher education standards in the area of ​​management accounting.Establish an objective measure of a candidate's knowledge and competence in the field of management accounting.Encourage ongoing professional development.

Modern financiers understand that in order to be competitive in the labor market, you need to constantly improve your skills. In the last few years, it has become fashionable for a financial manager to have a specialized financial degree - CFA, ACCA, CPA, etc. What is hidden behind these mysterious abbreviations for many, how much such professional certificates are needed and how you can get them, read in the proposed material.

CFM meaning

CFM meaning: Why You Need a Professional Degree ?

One of the main questions CFOs have when deciding to get a degree is what kind of return this investment will bring (looking ahead, we note that considerable funds will be required). The question is rather difficult. It is in the USA (where, in fact, most programs for obtaining certificates have been developed) that holders of specialized degrees enjoy special honor: it is very difficult to get some prestigious positions without a professional certificate, and the work of “certified” specialists is valued an order of magnitude higher than their colleagues.

If you decide that you still need a professional certificate, you should decide which one. First of all, it depends on what you are going to do in the future.

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