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ITIL Foundation: 4th edition

A book by ITIL Foundation, ISBN 9780113316076

ITIL v4 (PDF available) is one of the popular guidelines for managing IT services and building effective management. The fourth version of this library has already appeared, and compared to the previous ones, it has a lot of new things, including for the Service desk.

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ITIL Foundation: 4th edition by ITIL Foundation

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ITIL 4 was created according to "Agile"

An international team of architects (lead architect team) with a diverse background and extensive practical experience took part in the creation of ITIL 4. Including a team of experts (160+) and enthusiasts (2000+) was involved, and of course the AXELOS team accompanied and helped all the way. ITIL 4 is the work of several thousand people!

Holistic approach in ITIL 4

ITIL 4 is a holistic approach to managing products and services. It identifies four dimensions that are critical to creating value for stakeholders, including customers.

Four dimensions of value creation

1. Organizations and people

The corporate culture should support the goals of the organization, as well as an appropriate level of human resources and competence.

2. Information and technology

In the Service Value Stream, it refers to the information, knowledge, and technology that is needed to manage services.

3. Partners and suppliers

Suppliers and partners who are involved in the development, deployment, delivery, support, and continual improvement of services and their relationship with the organization.

ITIL 4: Value streams and processes

How the processes work and how coordinated the parts of the organization are.

For example: The practice of incident management includes its description, structured around these 4 dimensions.
In order to effectively manage incidents, you need to:

Build a workflow (process). (4) value streams and processes Determine what competencies are needed, how the organizational structure is arranged, how we provide communication between participants. (1) organizations and people Understand what information passes through this practice, where we get it from, what it consists of, how it is structured, what information objects we use, where and how we store information. It is also important for us to understand how to automate incident management activities: from ticketing systems to artificial intelligence that “heals” these incidents. (2) information and technology Determine how we interact with partners and suppliers to resolve incidents, how we can do seamless integration, how we exchange information, what competencies are brought out. (3) partners and suppliers.

ITIL 4: The service value system

The Value Creation System is a key part of ITIL 4. It shows how all the components and activities of an organization work together to create value. SVS forms an ecosystem through which it can create value for these organizations, their stakeholders and customers.

ITIL 4: Service value chain

The service value chain of services is a central element of SVS. It is a flexible operating model for creating, delivering and continually improving services.
A value creation system is a process of transforming an opportunity or need (opportunity/demand) into value for a customer, supplier/partner or the organization itself (value), expressed in the consistent application of guilding principles and continuous improvement over a set of governance (governance) and practices applied to the value chain (service value chain).

ITIL 4: Service Value Stream Example

For example, if we have a need for a new service, we start by negotiating with the source of the requirement, planning something, designing, purchasing or developing, collecting, transferring, providing, supporting. This is the traditional Design - Build - Transition - Operation cycle. There is no single correct cycle. There is a set of activities to fit a specific case.

Another example is the Value Stream of user support that starts when the user asks for something, we provide support, support requires development, purchase and installation, these incidents are resolved, and then there is a continuous improvement process. The order of actions is not imposed, the organization itself generates value streams.


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It is a comprehensive (really) book - ITIL Foundation: 4th edition by ITIL Foundation really helps you to understand the topic
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I suppose ITIL Foundation: 4th edition is a super informative and insighful - ITIL Foundation explained all the details in a perfect manner