The Essential Manager’s Handbook

A book by Hugo Wilkinson, ISBN 9781465454683

Be a more effective leader and hone your leadership style with DK Manager’s Handbook PDF in one easy-to reference, practical, step-wise guide.

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The Essential Manager’s Handbook by Hugo Wilkinson

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Achieving excellence in management requires a broad skill set, and The Essential Manager's Handbook provides easy-to follow and engaging advice on the six key areas. Nurturing your confidence with managing people; leadership, achieving high performance; effective communication; presenting; and negotiating.

The Essential Manager's Handbook PDF

With key quotes, bright visual images, and breakdowns by topic, this book is accessible, and easy to use. Interactive tips and check lists will encourage you to jot down your thoughts, examining previous and current workplace experiences that you can draw upon. Expert insights from management experts and step-by-steps instructions will help you understand what to do when faced with challenges, and gain valuable management skills that will serve you throughout your career.

Achieving excellence in management requires a broad set of skills, and The Essential Manager's Handbook provides easy-to follow and engaging advice on the six key areas. Nurturing your confidence with managing people and leading others, leadership, achieving high levels of performance, effective communication, presentation, and negotiation. This accessible and clear guide covers everything you need to know to acquire and develop management skills. Pick up this book for quick reference when you're in need of guidance or go through each chapter at your own pace to improve your managerial style. DK's essential managers series contains the knowledge you need to be a better manager and hone your management skills, covering a range of important topics including managing, coaching, and motivating teams and individuals; time management, communication, and leadership; and strategic thinking. Each book is clearly presented for ease-of-reference, with visual pointers, hints, and infographics. DK's The Essential Manager's Handbook is part of our Essential Managers series.

The Essential Manager's Handbook review by brentf013 (Amazon)

A quick and easy read. Informative and highly recommended for those who wish to learn about management. I would recommend this book to any manager who wants to improve his/her knowledge and skills.

The Essential Manager's Handbook review by Nicole (Goodreads)

This book focuses on personal development as a leader in the areas of managing teams, leading others, achieving high performance, communicating effectively, presenting, and negotiating. Content includes visual statistics and short quick readings of information. A great resource for new leaders and a refresher for seasoned leaders.

The Essential Manager's Handbook review by Carrie Ann (Amazon)

Simple layout style makes this book easy to dip into and out of. Some useful information which we've used for our CMI leadership level three diploma research. The book consists of several books from the same series, so you won't need any of the others if you purchase this one. The book is hardback and is shorter than I expected.

The Essential Manager's Handbook review by Rhonda (Goodreads)

Easy to flick through because there aren't too many words per page. Some of the graphics were poorly designed; they just filled the space and looked colourful. There wasn't much overlap between sections, so it appeared existing material had been thrown together without planning or integration. References weren't provided for any of the statistics, and there was no mention of negotiation. I found the section about negotiating most useful.

The Essential Manager's Handbook review by MR T R NEWTON (Amazon)

A very useful book if you're just starting out in management, or if you've been managing for a while and need a quick refresh. It's also great for those who work in small companies where they might not have any training or guidelines. It's very visual and easy to understand, so it's perfect for people who aren't familiar with management theory.


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The Essential Manager’s Handbook reviews
Paul D. Wilde Pasadena

I am surprised! Thank you Hugo Wilkinson for this outstanding book - The Essential Manager’s Handbook is surely among the best
The Essential Manager’s Handbook reviews
Johnny Weitzekker Milan

The concepts explained in The Essential Manager’s Handbook PDF book are not the simplest ones. But however, Hugo Wilkinson is a higly-skilled in making such kind of material easy to understand and implement in practice.
The Essential Manager’s Handbook reviews
Katherine Matteo Garcia Delaware

I also read other books by Hugo Wilkinson but this one is probably the best - as for me! Surely The Essential Manager’s Handbook will be helpful for any business or management student