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Your Brain`s Not Broken

A book by Tamara Rosie, ISBN 978-0800741334

Using the most current research and her approachable style, Dr. Rosier shows people with ADHD and their families how to create new thinking habits, identify unhelpful thoughts and emotional patterns, and apply strategies to change them.

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Your Brain`s Not Broken by Tamara Rosie

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I love this book, I have ADHD and my three sons too. Over the years I have tried to read many books that would deepen my understanding of ADHD and give me a helpful roadmap to better cope with the challenges. Books generally get clinical fast, so I put them down and walk away. The readability of this book is amazing. I laughed, cried, and had a few revelations while reading. There is no doubt that I have a better understanding of what I live and look forward to applying the ideas, especially the emotional ladder, my ADHD came with very high emotions! I look forward to sharing this book with other family and friends. Thank you Dr. Rosier!

I appreciated the balance in this book - clear concepts; discussing the real problems for those who have or love ADHD - and what to do about it; practical application of real coaching and wonderful stories that help humanity to cope with the problems of this community (of which I am a part). I felt noticed, appreciated - and reassuring. A wonderful balance of science, real client experience and anecdotes that were warm, inspiring and challenging.

Practical application tools - worksheets, questions, models - right in the book! The author could have made an accompanying workbook, but included it right here.

Rich, diverse and diverse sources of research, information, metaphors and examples - from Alice in Wonderland to scientific papers and sound theory to Doctor Who! And - it is written so as not to get hung up on only one area. A small snippet of research for credibility, a concept statement for understanding, then a story/anecdote to illustrate. Makes the book very readable.

Your Brain`s Not Broken reviews
Steph Pasadena

I guess Your Brain`s Not Broken for sure is a great book - Tamara Rosie perfectly explained everything
Your Brain`s Not Broken reviews
Johnny Sansa Paris

Tamara Rosie I am so grateful! Your Brain`s Not Broken is full of insights (as for me)!
Your Brain`s Not Broken reviews
Paul D. Hu Washington

Got a PDF version of Your Brain`s Not Broken - now I want a hardcopy! Tamara Rosie you are the best. Simply.