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Practical Strategies for Technical Communication

A book by Mike Markel, Stuart Selber, ISBN 978-1319245023

"Practical Strategies for Technical Communication" by Mike Markel and Stuart A. Selber offers essential guidance for effective workplace communication across diverse mediums. The book, now in its third edition, provides updated insights on modern communication practices, including nontraditional resume formats and usability testing. With practical advice, real-world examples, and interactive digital resources, it equips readers to navigate the challenges of communication in today's technologically driven workplaces.

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Practical Strategies for Technical Communication by Mike Markel, Stuart Selber

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Effective communication is paramount across various mediums such as email, websites, presentations, and social media. "Practical Strategies for Technical Communication" serves as an invaluable guide, equipping readers with essential techniques for successful communication tailored to diverse audiences and purposes. Authored by Mike Markel and Stuart A. Selber, this comprehensive resource offers insights into document design, research methodologies, writing style, and more.

In its third edition, the book incorporates expanded coverage on innovative resume formats like infographics and videos, alongside discussions on usability testing. Markel and Selber provide updated Tech Tips, ensuring readers stay abreast of contemporary communication strategies. Through clear, practical advice and real-world examples sourced from various domains, the book not only educates but also familiarizes readers with writing processes and products commonly encountered in professional settings.

Moreover, "Practical Strategies for Technical Communication" is complemented by LaunchPad, an adaptable course space featuring digital resources such as ebooks, test banks, multimedia Document Analysis Activities, and adaptive quizzing. By offering engaging content and interactive learning opportunities, the book aims to prepare students for the challenges of communication in today's technologically driven workplaces.

The fourth edition underscores the importance of effective communication in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Through document-based cases, practice exercises, and interactive ebooks facilitated by Achieve, readers are encouraged to become proficient communicators capable of navigating diverse contexts and media platforms.

"Practical Strategies for Technical Communication: A Brief Guide" by Mike Markel emphasizes the essentials required for successful workplace communication. With concise yet comprehensive coverage, Markel delves into audience analysis, research methodologies, document design strategies, and the nuances of various document types. Notably, the second edition features sample documents annotated with insights from their creators, providing practical insights into professional communication practices.

Featuring engaging graphics to elucidate key concepts, this resource offers readers a practical toolkit for effective communication in today's dynamic work environments. Whether in print or digital format, this book equips readers with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive as competent and responsible communicators.

Product Details:

Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin’s; Third edition (October 5, 2018)

Language: English

Paperback: 560 pages

ISBN-10: 1319104320

ISBN-13: 978-1319104320

Practical strategies for technical communication 4th edition PDF

In today's ever-changing workplace, it's important to follow strategies for successful communication, whether it's through email, websites, presentations, social media, or cover letters. Practical Strategies for Technical Communication helps students stay current with a concise, accessible guide to everything they need to know about audience and purpose, document design, research, style, and more. In the third edition, renowned scholar and teacher Stuart A. Selber joins the team of authors.

The new edition features expanded coverage of non-traditional resume formats such as infographics and videos, a new discussion of usability testing, and a range of revised and updated tech tips.

Mike Markel

Mike Markel writes the Detectives Seagate and Miner Mystery series, set in the fictional small town of Rawlings, Montana, home to Central Montana State University. That university is a bit like Boise State University, where Mike taught writing, but in Rawlings the weather is colder, the football team is less successful, and the murder rate is much, much higher.

In Practical Strategies For Technical Communication, Mike Markell gives students the essentials they’ll need to communicate successfully in todays workplace. The book offers succinct and accessible yet thorough coverage on audience and purpose, research and style, and document design and strategy for designing all of the main document types. For the 2nd edition, Markel has work with organizations to choose sample docs and annotate them with insight and advice from the employees that developed them. Throughout the Text, a new set of compelling graphics provide visual explanations of key concepts and practical tips for creating effective communication.Practical Strategies for technical communication is now available with Launchpad – a customizable course space featuring a e-book and an exciting array of Digital Resources including a Test Bank, Adaptive Quizzing, Multimedia Document Analysis Activities, and More!

Practical Strategies prepares readers to keep up with today's constantly changing workplace, providing concise, accessible guidance to everything they need to learn about audience and purpose, design, research, style and more. With clear, practical advice and hands-on examples from a range of resources, the fourth edition offers students practice with the kinds they'll encounter on the job and highlights the challenges of writing in various contexts across a variety of mediums. Achieve helps students engage with document-based cases linked to writing assignments, practice, and assessments, an interactive ebook, online quizzes, and more. Practicals Strategies continues to help students develop into effective, responsible communicators who can navigate a technologically saturated world.

Practical Strategies for Technical Communication book reviews

Practical Strategies for Technical Communication review by Ariana

This book was assigned for my Technical Communication English course as a freshman in college. Even though it was an assigned book, I really enjoyed reading it and learning from the book. Otherwise, I would not be writing this review. There are lots of checklists and guides on a wide variety of different topics. Anyone can truly benefit from this book. It’s a book that I wish I had in High School or Middle School.

Practical Strategies for Technical Communication review by Martha

I rented this book to my grandson's Technical and professional communication college class. The book came promptly and was in excellent shape. It was a required text book and he has had no problems or complaints. I can only assume that it fulfilled the class requirements

Practical Strategies for Technical Communication review by Octavia

Really appreciate being able to rent this book for my class, however when my professor refers to a page number I cannot find it because instead of having pages, this e-book has locations.I have no idea what these locatons pertain to but I'm having a hard time referencing material referred to during class because the location doesn't match the page numbers my professor lists out. I will not buy or rent any further books using this setup again.

Practical Strategies for Technical Communication review by idlove

I bought this book as an eBook because it was the cheapest option. It was confusing purchasing it at first because you must activate something on your account before buying an eBook so I had trouble calling customer service, but they helped me out. Navigating the eBook through the Kindle App on my Mac was confusing initially and oddly laid out to get used too, but I'm used to it now. A downside is that there are no page numbers so it is difficult to find certain things without them.

Practical Strategies for Technical Communication review by Jessica S

Was assigned this textbook to read for my Technical Writing class. I have also been working in the industry for over 10 years so wasn't expecting to find much from the book. However, I found it surprisingly engaging, and useful.


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Practical Strategies for Technical Communication reviews
financeguy?2008 -1999 Totonto

Practical Strategies for Technical Communication ebook PDF is a good option for a student. Personally I bought a hardcover version, my colleague has also purchased a kindle PDF version. Mike Markel, Stuart Selber is one of my favourite authors from now.
Practical Strategies for Technical Communication reviews
Steph Hu Alabama

I am surprised! Thank you Mike Markel, Stuart Selber for this outstanding book - Practical Strategies for Technical Communication is surely among the best
Practical Strategies for Technical Communication reviews
strawberry12 Matteo Garcia Milan

No doubt Practical Strategies for Technical Communication is a must-read for any entrepreneur. Many thanks Mike Markel, Stuart Selber for this book!