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Becoming Bulletproof

A book by Evy Poumpouras, ISBN 978-1982103750

Have you ever noticed that there are people among us who never get into trouble? They will never have a brick fall on them as they walk past a construction site. They would never panic when evacuating in case of a fire. And if they meet a mugger in a dark alley, they will walk out of the altercation without a scratch. It seems as if they are REAL.

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Becoming Bulletproof by Evy Poumpouras

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Becoming bulletproof means becoming a stronger, more confident and more powerful person. Evy Poumpouras - former Secret Service agent to three presidents and one of five women to receive the Medal of Valor - demonstrates how we can overcome our everyday fears, have difficult conversations, know who to trust and who may not have our best interests at heart. , influence situations and prepare for the unexpected. When you become bulletproof, you are your best, bravest and most powerful version of yourself. Poumpouras shows us that, ultimately, true strength is found in the mind, not the body.

Former U.S. Secret Service agent Evie Pumpuras, who served on the guard of four American presidents, believes that anyone can acquire the superpower of being invulnerable. In her book, she teaches how to always be prepared for difficult situations and tells how to:

curb, reduce and take control of your fears, respond to conflict or a critical situation without unnecessary anxiety, to hold a punch mentally and physically, read verbal and nonverbal signs of people's behavior, recognize and resist manipulation.

About the author

Evie Pumpuras is a former Secret Service special agent and national television correspondent who appears frequently on NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and HLN. She also co-stars on the reality spy show Bravo's Spy Games. Evy holds a master's degree in forensic psychology from Argosy University and a second master's degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. She was also awarded the US Secret Service Medal of Valor for her heroism on 9/11 and was part of the defense of former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, William J. Clinton, George W. Bush. Bush and Gerald Ford. She is also an adjunct professor at the City University of New York, where she teaches criminal justice and criminology.

Courage includes facing our fears, but also resilience, courage, having a built-in bullshit detector and knowing how to use it. In Becoming Bulletproof, Pumpuras demonstrates how to empower our natural instincts to harness all of these qualities and move from fear to fearlessness.

Becoming Bulletproof is about becoming a better version of yourself. Former Secret Service Agent Evelyn Poumpouras demonstrates how we can overcome our daily fears, have difficult conversations and know who to trust and what they may be trying to do to us. She also teaches us how to influence situations and prepare for the unexpected so that we can be our best selves.

Becoming Bulletproof book author

Evy Poumbouras is a former Special Agent in the US Secret Service and on-air national television contributor who frequently appears on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. She also stars on Bravo’s spy games, an espionage-inspired Reality Competition. Evy holds a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University. She is also the recipient the United States Secret Service medal of valor for her heroism on September 11th 2001 and has been part of protective details for former presidents Barack Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, George HW Bush, and Gerald Ford.

Becoming Bulletproof book reviews

Becoming Bulletproof book review #1

The usual American "bubblegum for the mind". The first half of the book is about how the author went to school, what her family was like, how she became an agent. Then about the difficulties of service: a lot of running and push-ups - hard, standing outside in the winter at the guard - cold. Then practical skills: "sort yourself out", "understand your fears" and so on. Practical usefulness - zero. All these alleged recommendations can be found on the Internet for 5 minutes. This is a typical American book of...

Becoming Bulletproof book review #2

This book will be interesting to young readers.I am an older person, I was not impressed with it at all.It will not teach you to find mental armor and live without fear.For this money I could have bought a more interesting book.

Becoming Bulletproof PDF book review #3

This book is so good that I won't even spoil its contents for you. Just open and read the introduction and you will see for yourself how much you needed it. Let me just say that the author, a former Secret Service agent, is a woman of incredible strength and courage; we would say that "she knows no fear." But in fact-and she admits this right off the bat-even she can be afraid of something. It's just that the author, unlike most, knows how to work with these fears and wants to teach readers this...

Becoming Bulletproof free book review #4

Absolute average about nothing. Lots of water, nothing specific, helpful, standard advice for everyone. Starting 1/3 of the way through the pages.

Becoming Bulletproof book review #5

This book will grab you from the first words, from the very prologue. And I assure you - you won't be able to tear yourself away from it anymore! Evi Pumpuras reveals to us the world of intelligence work, which employs people just like us. Only they know how to deal with their fears and stresses and know how to remain seemingly invulnerable, read people well and be fearless when needed.
The book is strong, impressing the reader from the beginning, without too much water and lengthy digressions, which will be instructive for everyone without exception. It is definitely worth the money, because the advice in it is realistic and universal for any situation in our lives.
Highly recommended reading!

Becoming Bulletproof audiobook review #6

Fear is natural, the author reminds us of this many times and teaches us how to live with it, overcome it, cope with it and not let it take over. This is a strong book with lots of examples from the life of the author, Evie Poumpouras, a Secret Service Special Agent. I read with great interest, every situation is dealt with in such detail... Impressive book, I am very glad it came to me.

Becoming Bulletproof PDF review #7

This book is so good that I won't even spoil its contents for you. Just open it and read the introduction and you will see for yourself how much you needed it. Let me just say that the author, a former Secret Service agent, is a woman of incredible strength and courage; we would say that "she knows no fear." But in fact-and she admits this right off the bat-even she can be afraid of something. It's just that the author, unlike most, knows how to deal with those fears and wants to teach readers that skill. This book really changed the way I look at the world, something no other nonfiction book has done. 

Becoming Bulletproof PDF review by Robert J Lanz (Amazon)

The author has a lot of experience (and a little bit of a flair for self promotion) and he knows how to write a good book. He also has a wealth of knowledge about safety issues and he's written a very useful book. I've worked in corrections and in the emergency room so I'm pretty familiar with safety issues but she added a couple of things I didn't consider. A good read. Worth the money!

Becoming Bulletproof book review by Mira (Amazon)

On the day of release I bought the Kindle version, so I didn't need to wait for the mailman. When I read through the prologue, I returned to Amazon to purchase a hardcopy, but it was sold-out. Boom! I have no choice but to say it's sold-out for a reason! Ms. Poumpouras' book is very well researched, extremely informative and packed with exciting stories from behind the scene. I wish it had a little more stories at some points, though. I underlined a lot of paragraphs and learned even more. Must read!!

Becoming Bulletproof PDF review by Carol (Amazon)

Not your normal feel-good you can do it motivational guide. Realistically lays out what you'll need to accomplish in order to protect yourself and others despite the obstacles you'll face. A good guide on how to develop grit as you achieve your goals. Well done.


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Becoming Bulletproof reviews
Paul D. Paris

No doubt Becoming Bulletproof is a must-read for any entrepreneur. Many thanks Evy Poumpouras for this book!
Becoming Bulletproof reviews
Henry -1999 London

I also read other books by Evy Poumpouras but this one is probably the best - as for me! Surely Becoming Bulletproof will be helpful for any business or management student
Becoming Bulletproof reviews
Margaret Berkeley

The concepts explained in Becoming Bulletproof PDF book are not the simplest ones. But however, Evy Poumpouras is a higly-skilled in making such kind of material easy to understand and implement in practice.