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Entrepreneurship: the practice and mindset Heidi Neck, Christopher Neck, Emma Murray Book

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Entrepreneurship: The Practice and Mindset by Heidi M. Neck, Christopher P. Neck, and Emma L. Murray catapults students beyond the classroom by helping them develop an entrepreneurial mindset so they can create opportunities and operate in uncertain environments.

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536 pages, published in 2020
Heidi Neck, Christopher Neck, Emma Murray

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Based on the world-renowned Babson Entrepreneurship curriculum, this text emphasizes practice and learning by doing. Students learn entrepreneurship by taking small actions to get feedback, experiment, and move ideas forward. They will leave this text with the entrepreneurial spirit, skills, and tools that can be applied to startups as well as organizations of all kinds. Whether your students have a background in business, liberal arts, engineering, or science, this text will take them on a transformative journey and teach them essential skills for life.

About the authors

Dr. Christopher P. Neck is Associate Professor of Management at Arizona State University, where he held the title of “University Master Teacher”. From 1994 to 2009, he was on the Pamplin College of Business faculty at Virginia Tech. He received his doctorate in management from Arizona State University and his MBA from Louisiana State University. Neck is the author or co-author of 22 books, including Self-Leadership: The Definitive Guide to Personal Excellence (2017, Sage; 2nd ed., 2019); Enjoy Life: Expect the Best of Body, Mind, and Soul at Any Age (2017, Clovercroft); Fit to Lead: The Proven 8-Week Solution to Shaping Your Body, Mind, and Career (2004, St. Martin's Press; 2012, Carpenter's Sons); Mastering Self-Leadership: Empowering Yourself to Achieve Personal Excellence (6th ed., 2013, Pearson); The Wisdom of Solomon at Work (2001, Berrett-Koehler); For Team Members Only: Making Your Work Team Productive and Hassle-Free (1997, Amacom Books);