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Global Business Today

A book by Charles Hill, ISBN 978-1266103148

Global Business Today sets the standard for International Business courses and is the proven choice at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It offers a complete solution that is relevant (timely, comprehensive), practical (focused on the application of concepts) and integrated (logical flow of topics from chapter to chapter).

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Global Business Today by Charles Hill

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The success of the first eleven editions (and its longest and most in-depth textbook, International Business, now in its 13th edition) was based on the incorporation of cutting-edge research, the use of up-to-date examples and statistics to illustrate global trends and business strategy and discussion of current events in the context of the appropriate theory. Building on these strengths, the objectives of the 12th edition focused on:

    Incorporate new insights from academic research. Make sure the content covers all appropriate issues. Make sure the text is up to date with current events, statistics and examples. Add new and in-depth opening and closing cases in most chapters. Incorporate value-added global EDGE™ features in every chapter. Connect every chapter to a focus on managerial implications.


Purchased for an international business class college. Very good information, all events are up to date. I bought it because it was almost the same price as renting a book and half the price of buying it at a college bookstore. The only negative is that the pages are very thin, it is easy to damage the book.

Global Business Today reviews
Henry Sansa Pasadena

I also like other books by Charles Hill and this particular one is not the best as for me, but surely Global Business Today will be helpful for any entrepreneur
Global Business Today reviews
Steph Washington

Og thatt was good! Great thanks Charles Hill for this awesome book - Global Business Today is undoubtfully among the best
Global Business Today reviews
Katherine -1999 London

I guess Global Business Today for sure is a great book - Charles Hill perfectly explained everything