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Business and Society

A book by Anne Lawrence, James Weber, ISBN 978-1260043662

In a world economy that is becoming more integrated and interdependent, the relationship between business and society is becoming increasingly complex. The globalization of business, the emergence of civil society organizations in many countries, as well as new government regulations and international agreements have significantly changed the way managers work and how strategic decisions are made within the firm.

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Business and Society by Anne Lawrence, James Weber

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About the Authors

Anne Lawrence

Anne T. Lawrence is Emeritus Professor of Management at San Jose State University. She holds a doctorate. from the University of California at Berkeley and completed two years of postdoctoral studies at Stanford University. His articles, case studies and reviews have appeared in numerous journals, including Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Case Research Journal, Journal of Management Education, California Management Review, Business and Society Review, Research in Corporate Social Performance and Policy, and Journal of Corporate Citizenship. His cases in business and society have been reprinted in numerous textbooks and anthologies. She was guest editor of the Case Research Journal. She served as president of the North American Case Research Association (NACRA) and the Western Case writers Association and is a member of NACRA, from which she received a Distinguished Contributor Award in 2014.

James Weber

James Weber is a professor of management and business ethics at Duquesne University. He is also Executive Director of the Institute for Ethics in Business and coordinates the Master of Science in Leadership and Business Ethics program at Duquesne. He holds a doctorate. from the University of Pittsburgh and has taught at the University of San Francisco, University of Pittsburgh, and Marquette University. His areas of interest and research include managerial and organizational values, cognitive moral reasoning, business ethics, ethics training and education, ethics of Eastern religions, and auditing and performance. corporate social. His work has been published in Organization Science, Human Relations, Business & Society, Journal of Business Ethics, Academy of Management Perspectives and Business Ethics Quarterly. He received the SIM Sumner Marcus Award for lifetime contribution to the Social Issues in Management division of the Academy of Management in 2013, and the Best Reviewer Award from Business & Society in 2015.

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Steph Hu Totonto

The ideas explained in the Business and Society PDF book are not uniqie. But still, Anne Lawrence, James Weber is super skilled in making such kind of material easy consumable and conceivable.
Business and Society reviews
Margaret Milan

Without doubt Business and Society is essentian for any businessman. Thank you Anne Lawrence, James Weber!
Business and Society reviews
Johnny Sansa New York

Og thatt was good! Great thanks Anne Lawrence, James Weber for this awesome book - Business and Society is undoubtfully among the best