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Business communication a problem-solving approach

A book by Kathryn Rentz, Paula Lentz, ISBN 978-1259565878

Dr. Rentz has published articles on business communication pedagogy and research in journals such as Business Communication Quarterly, Journal of Business Communication, Technical Communication Quarterly, and Journal of Business and Technical Communication. She has attended many professional meetings and seminars over the years and is still learning from her colleagues and students.

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Business communication a problem-solving approach by Kathryn Rentz, Paula Lentz

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Student textbook only. Connect access code not included. 9781260581748 International edition of Business Communication 2nd Edition By Kathryn RENTZ, Paula LENTZ. The book prepares students to take control of the communication challenges they'll face on the job by giving them a process for analyzing communication issues and thorough support for designing effective solutions. Student friendly in style with problem-solving case studies and strong coverage of ethics in business communication.

Business Communication: A Problem Solving Approach combines the fundamentals of clear communication and visual rhetoric with critical thinking to help students gain a professional advantage in business communication. Its problem-solving approach directly addresses the heart of great business communications and helps students develop skills they can apply immediately in the workplace.

About the author

Dr. Paula Lentz is Professor and Academic Program Director at the Department of Business Communications at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. She teaches Business Writing, Advanced Business Writing and MBA courses. Additionally, she directs the College of Business's Business Writing and Presentations Studio and is also the developer and coordinator of the department's Business Writing Fundamentals Program.

Dr. Lentz is particularly interested in qualitative research that explores organizational narratives and cultures, gender theory, and the pedagogy of writing. She has published in journals such as Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, Wisconsin Business Education Association Journal, Equal Opportunities International, Journal of Health Administration Communication and Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management.

Business Communication: A Problem Solving Approach - Summary

What Is Business Communication?

Business communications are the exchange of information between people working together towards common objectives. They can take place face-to-face, over email, phone, fax, or any other means. Communication is an essential part of business; without it, nothing would get done. A good communicator must be able to listen, ask questions, understand, empathize, and respond appropriately.

What is importance of business communication?

In business, communication is vital to convey clear, strong, messages about strategy, customer services and branding. A business that builds a brand reflects a consistent, tailored message to its audience. Internal communications build trust among employees and managers and encourage teamwork and collaboration.

What are business communication skills?

Business communication skills include qualities that enable professionals to effectively communicate information in the workplace. They cover primary forms of communication, such as active listening, and communication methods necessary to build professional relationships.

What is the 5 step problem-solving approach?

In order to define your root problem, break it down into its core components, prioritize solutions, conduct an analysis, and sell your recommendation internally, follow these steps. First, identify your root problem. Second, break it down into smaller problems. Third, prioritize solutions. Fourth, conduct an analysis. Finally, sell your recommendations internally.

Why are problem-solving skills important?

In today’s fast paced business world, where information is constantly changing, it is important to keep your staff up to date with what is happening in the company. Managers must ensure they are able to communicate effectively with their employees so they can work together to achieve common goals. Problem solving skills are vital to successful management. These skills enable managers to identify problems, analyse them and suggest solutions. They also allow managers to take control of situations and influence others.

Business Communication: A Problem Solving Approach - Reviews

This textbook was required for my business communications class and the cost difference between the campus bookstore and what I paid for it through Amazon was quite significant. When you have to buy books out of pocket, you really have to be careful about the costs involved and buy them at the right price.

Business communication a problem-solving approach reviews
strawberry12 Hu Milan

Og thatt was good! Great thanks Kathryn Rentz, Paula Lentz for this awesome book - Business communication a problem-solving approach is undoubtfully among the best
Business communication a problem-solving approach reviews
Britney2002 Weitzekker Paris

Got a PDF version of Business communication a problem-solving approach - now I want a hardcopy! Kathryn Rentz, Paula Lentz you are the best. Simply.
Business communication a problem-solving approach reviews
Paul D. D. Ritz Berkeley

I also like other books by Kathryn Rentz, Paula Lentz and this particular one is not the best as for me, but surely Business communication a problem-solving approach will be helpful for any entrepreneur