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Managerial Economics

A book by Christopher Thomas, ISBN 978-1260004755

Thomas and Maurice`s goal for managerial economics is to teach students the economic way of thinking about business decisions and strategy. The 13th continues to develop critical thinking skills and provides students with a logical way to analyze both the routine decisions of day-to-day business operations management as well as the longer-term strategic plans that seek to manipulate actions and the reactions of rival companies.

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Managerial Economics by Christopher Thomas

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Managerial Economics: Foundations of Business Analysis and Strategy 13th Edition

Managerial Economics is a stand-alone textbook that requires no prior training in economics. While maintaining a rigorous style, this book is designed to be one of the most accessible books in managerial economics from which to teach and learn due to its clarity of presentation and end-of-chapter issues. Rather than rapidly scrolling students through every interesting or new topic in microeconomics and industrial organization, this 13th edition carefully develops and applies the concepts most useful for business decision-making and strategic planning.

About the author

Emeritus Professor of Economics at Texas A&M University. He spent 30 years in the business department of Texas A&M, where he served as department head from 1977 to 1981, and held the Rex B. Gray University Professorship of Free Enterprise from 1981 to 1985. Professor Maurice has published numerous articles on microeconomic theory in the top business journals. He co-authored two academic books on natural resource depletion: The Doomsday Myth and The Economics of Mineral Extraction. Along with Charles Ferguson and later with Owen Phillips, he also wrote the popular advanced microeconomics textbook Economic Analysis, which was published from 1971 to 1996. Professor Maurice retired to Gainesville, Florida, where he lived until his death in early 1999.

Managerial Economics reviews
financeguy?2008 Delaware

It is definitely essential book - reading Managerial Economics by Christopher Thomas really pays back.
Managerial Economics reviews
Johnny -1999 Milan

Og thatt was good! Great thanks Christopher Thomas for this awesome book - Managerial Economics is undoubtfully among the best
Managerial Economics reviews
Henry Matteo Garcia Totonto

I was impressed by this book - Christopher Thomas is a top professional! Perhaps Managerial Economics is the best one on the topic