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ITIL 4: Direct, Plan and Improve

A book by AXELOS, ISBN 9780113316441

The ITILยฎ4 Specialist: Direct, Plan and Improve module is common to ITIL Managing Professional (MP) and ITIL Strategic Leader (SL) certification.

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ITIL 4: Direct, Plan and Improve by AXELOS

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The new ITIL4 certification scheme includes two tracks: ITIL Managing Professional (MP) and ITIL Strategic Leader (SL). Whichever direction you choose (and perhaps you'll take both) will include taking the ITIL®4 Specialist: Direct, Plan and Improve (DPI) course, as well as the exam of the same name. Today, I'll cover what topics are covered in this course, who will benefit most from the material learned for their practice, and what is needed to pass the exam.

This is the universal component, that is a key element of both ITIL 4 Managing Professional stream and ITIL 4 Strategic Leaders stream. It is aimed towards managers of all levels involved with shaping direction and strategy or creating a continually improving team. It provides individuals with the skills necessary to create a ‘learning and improving’ IT organization, with a clear and strong strategic direction. The component covers the influence and impact agile and lean ways of working and how they can be used to an organization’s advantage. It will give practitioners a practical and strategic method to plan and deliver continual improvement with necessary agility

Direct, Plan and Improve - what is it about?

The ITIL®4: Direct, Plan and Improve course provides essential information to drive change and create a culture of continuous improvement, organizing product and service management focused on today's business requirements. It covers the concepts, principles, methods, and techniques used to plan and direct and engage in improvement activities.

The course describes value chain planning and improvement activities as well as some of the leadership aspects that are part of the service value system.

What is the value of this book?

The topics covered provide a practical guide to planning and developing a service value chain based on ITIL ideas. The book helps to get an understanding of how to evaluate and plan, set direction, define a management structure, build a business model, communicate, and measure and manage service management efforts. DPI introduces the concepts of GRC (Governance, risk, and compliance) and SMO (Service management office), examines leadership-service approaches, and work management with a Kanban board.

Sections service strategy and continuous improvement, which in ITIL v3 were presented as stages of the life cycle of a service, pay attention to the implementation of estimates, the definition of success factors and key performance indicators, the use of the model of continuous improvement.

Important topics covered in the course include:

Developing a service value system strategy and direction evaluation and planning continuous improvement measurement and reporting organizational change management building effective communications

The ITIL®4 Specialist: Direct, Plan and Improve exam assesses understanding and application of the concepts covered in ITIL®4 Direct, Plan and Improve. ITIL®4 Specialist: Direct, Plan and Improve certification is one of the prerequisites for the ITIL 4 Managing Professional title, which evaluates the practical and technical knowledge of how to successfully manage IT services, teams and workflows. ITIL®4 Specialist: Direct, Plan and Improve is a prerequisite for ITIL®4 Strategic Leader, which evaluates the ability to create and implement an effective IT and digital strategy, capable of ensuring the successful development of the organization.

The DPI exam (in English) consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. The questions have one correct answer, each correct answer brings you 1 point. You must answer 28 or more questions correctly (70% or higher) to pass the exam. 

To be able to take the DPI exam, you must first pass the ITIL4 Foundation exam. This is a prerequisite.

To conclude

ITIL 4 approaches to IT service management are proven and well-deserved among professionals. DPI will help create more value for you, your


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ITIL 4: Direct, Plan and Improve reviews
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I suppose ITIL 4: Direct, Plan and Improve is a super informative and insighful - AXELOS explained all the details in a perfect manner
ITIL 4: Direct, Plan and Improve reviews
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It is a comprehensive (really) book - ITIL 4: Direct, Plan and Improve by AXELOS really helps you to understand the topic
ITIL 4: Direct, Plan and Improve reviews
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AXELOS is the best! ITIL 4: Direct, Plan and Improve is certainly a good one for MBA students