Meta-universes for business promotion: top trends

Like many people on my journey into the metaverse, I have encountered a lot of information, but it is difficult to isolate useful information; there are too many technical issues and everything is too new, so I have decided to start my own column on vc, in which I will share interesting and useful content related to the field of the metaverse and related areas. Today we are going to talk about the main trends in the metaverse, which businesses can use for their development.

Meta-universes for business promotion: top trends

The concept of the metaverse has already penetrated widely into various spheres of human activity. The metaverse is no longer an exotic of advanced IT development, but a working tool for business that provides an advanced user experience. The development of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), along with blockchain technology, have become the basis for this hyper-realistic world for human coexistence. Metaworlds have been successfully applied in various spheres of human activity: entertainment, business, art and communications.

Trends related to the development of metavalleys are experiencing phenomenal growth, creating immersive virtual reality and collaborative spaces to synchronize the user experience. In this article, we take a look at the major trends in the application of the metaverse.

AR, VR, gaming

Augmented and virtual reality and their use in gamification have become a driver for the development of the metaverse. For example, the futuristic gaming platform Sandbox, based in Hong Kong, has developed a decentralised virtual world where users can personalise their avatars and run a country, as well as hold events and share ideas. The metaworld has its own in-game Ethereum token. There's also a SAND token that players can use to buy and sell NFT assets.

Meta-universes for business promotion: top trends

For new players looking to take the plunge into digital simulation, this shared space makes it easier to monetise a personal virtual experience.

Another leader in the meta-universe space in the APAC region is Axie Infinity, a startup based in Singapore that creates a blockchain-based community for breeding and trading collectible virtual NFT pets. Players can earn AXS tokens through in-game features such as battles and completing quests in this metaspace.

Digital Marketplaces

The meta universe is no longer limited to virtual games and the world of technology. It has become part of an innovative digital marketplace ecosystem, providing many marketing and branding opportunities for the sales industry.

Meta-universes for business promotion: top trends

The metaverse is a sales channel that accelerates consumer perception and engagement.

Recently founded in Hong Kong, the premium metaverse WEAR has created a digital luxury ecosystem for fashion followers, art lovers and NFT collectors. With exclusive digital collections ranging from fashion and lifestyle to music, WEARhouse is accessible via QR code WEARKey.

Virtual art galleries

Virtual art galleries are a new kind of immersive space where artists and digital creators can showcase their NFT exhibitions for collectors, art lovers can immerse themselves in a virtual environment and even trade their favourite works.

Meta-universes for business promotion: top trends

Having witnessed a shift in the dynamics of digital art, metaspace allows artists to express themselves and create more interactive installations.

Chinese artist Wang Xin's work is installations, moving images and new media. Unconsciousness, art world systems and posthumanism are key features of her work. She often uses language and signs to challenge the status of the artist and the functioning of the art market today.

Digital real estate

One of the strongest trends in the metaverse is virtual real estate. Digital real estate sales exceeded $500 million in 2021 and are expected to grow even more, doubling this year.

Virtual real estate is the backbone of the digital world, where users can communicate and develop their projects. Digital land allows owners and creators to make money from it: by renting it out and even trading their NFT properties. It's all happening in a completely similar way to the process in the physical real estate industry.

Clearly, the metaverse real estate trend is showing great business potential, and Asian real estate investors are rushing to take advantage of the trend. For instance, Bangkokverse, a meta-universe platform developed by leading Thai 3D creators, has attracted the attention of prominent developers in the country. They believe it has the potential to dramatically increase employment in the field and revolutionise Thailand's real estate industry.

Metaverse in social media

The metaverse has undoubtedly already shown its promise of becoming the social networking space of the future. Within a reality simulation, users can log onto such a Network and communicate virtually, without revealing any important information about themselves, such as their photos, identities or locations.

Meta-universes for business promotion: top trends

Today, Asian investors and developers are eager to get into the meta-space as quickly as possible. Singaporean property giant Millennium Hotels and Resorts recently announced their plan to launch a virtual hotel in Decentraland. On their Metaverse platform, visitors can freely explore a virtual hotel by interacting with other avatars.

The Metaverse offers ways to interact beyond the limitations imposed by the physical world, creating many opportunities and paving the way for growth, competition and the future of how we communicate.

My colleague, CTO of the meta-universe direction, said:

"Despite the rapidly growing field of decentralised meta-universes associated with NFT, we at 2L have decided to focus on developing branded meta-products on platforms like Roblox and AltspaceVR.

Roblox has extensive technical capabilities to implement the most complex gamification projects. It allows you to retain your audience, interact with them and communicate brand values, even from your smartphone.

AltspaceVR is a great tool for B2B meetings or press events. Meeting participants can be located in different parts of the globe and still be present at a specially designed and branded event venue even without VR. We at the agency have already tried this tool out for ourselves and recently held our regular corporate meeting in the Altspace universe.

These venues are a safe, non-risky crypto or NFT, and a transparent entry point for the brand in terms of all processes. Which in our opinion is the key point for the first step into meta universes".

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