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Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice

A book by Michael Worth, ISBN 978-1544379982

"Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice" by Michael J. Worth offers a comprehensive exploration of nonprofit governance, leadership, and resource management. Through a blend of theory, case studies, and current data, Worth equips readers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of the nonprofit sector effectively. From understanding historical foundations to addressing contemporary challenges, this book serves as an essential guide for nonprofit professionals and students alike.

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Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice by Michael Worth

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Michael J. Worth's best-selling book, Nonprofit Management Principles and Practices, provides an informative and thorough guide to the field of nonprofit management. Worth covers both the governing and managerial aspects of nonprofit organizations—their scope, structure, and leadership; the role of boards and staff; fundraising; earned income strategies; financial management; lobbying and advocacy; managing international and global organizations; and social entrepreneurship. He also includes case studies and examples of nonprofit organizations in action. The text balances scholarly research, theory, and practical experience with current trends and the latest data available, making it suitable for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as practitioners.

The Sixth Edition has recently been revised to reflect changes in the field and to incorporate new information about diversity, equity, and inclusive practices. In addition, the book includes new material on volunteer stewardship, nonprofit executive transitions, models for pursuing earned income, ethical dilemmas and controversies involving donors, generational differences in the workplace, and the role of nonprofits in promoting social movements.

Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice book author

Michael J. Worth (born March 18, 1963) is an American professor of public policy who specializes in nonprofit management. He is currently a professor at the George Washington University School of Business and holds joint appointments in the Department of Political Science and the Department of Nonprofit Management. He is also principal in his own consulting firm, Michael J. Worth & Associates, LLC, which provides services to nonprofits, including advising them on strategic planning, fundraising, and board development.

Dr. Worth has 40 years of experience in higher ed and philanthropy. He has spent the last 20 years working at GWU, where he has overseen two major capital campaigns and developed alumni relations initiatives. Prior to that, he worked at UMD and DeSales. Before that, he was an assistant to the president at WSU.

Dr. Worth has worked as a member of the commission on philanthropy of the council for advancement and support of education (case), and he was editor of the case international journal of educational advancement, a peer reviewed scholarly journal focused on the practices of institutional advancement in educational institutes. He has also been active in the Washington DC nonprofit community, serving as board member of miriams kitchen, an organization providing services for homeless individuals, and as member of the selection committee of the washington post award for excellence in non profit management.

Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice - reviews

Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice review by MICHAEL OSEI

I liked the book to the extent I read the preface and began learning so much even from it. However, I hated its faded photocopy-like quality. The density of the paper was bad. As a book, color printing would be better. Colours mean a lot these days, apart from that, the book came new and very good with great knowledge.

Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice review by W. Mis

The page numbers in this ebook do not correspond to the pages of the printed book. In order to read this book you will need to either download the pdf file to your computer, or borrow a copy of the book from a library.

Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice review by Stephanie

I was assigned to write an essay about a book that I enjoyed reading. I chose to read this book because it was recommended by one of my professors. After finishing the book, I realized how much I enjoyed reading it. It was easy to understand and interesting enough to make me want to continue reading. In conclusion, I think this book is worth reading.

Book Summary: Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice

In "Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice" by Michael J. Worth, readers embark on a comprehensive journey through the governance and management intricacies of nonprofit organizations. Worth’s work serves as a vital resource for individuals seeking to navigate the multifaceted landscape of the nonprofit sector, whether they are undergraduates, graduate students, or seasoned nonprofit professionals.

The book is divided into five parts, each delving into essential aspects of nonprofit management:

Part I: Understanding Nonprofit Management, The Nonprofit Sector, And Nonprofit Organizations 

This section lays the groundwork, exploring the profession and field of nonprofit management, offering an overview of the nonprofit sector, and delving into theories surrounding nonprofit organizations.

Part II: Governing And Leading Nonprofit Organizations 

Readers learn about the crucial roles of nonprofit governing boards and executive leadership in steering organizations towards their missions effectively.

Part III: Managing The Nonprofit Organization 

This segment addresses accountability, performance measurement, strategic development, risk management, collaboration, human resource management, marketing, communications, advocacy, and lobbying within nonprofits.

Part IV: Obtaining And Managing Resources 

Financial management, philanthropic fundraising, social enterprise, earned income strategies, and obtaining government grants and contracts are explored in detail to equip readers with the necessary skills to sustain and grow their organizations.

Part V: Special Topics 

The final section delves into social entrepreneurship, innovation, and the management of international and global nonprofit organizations, offering insights into emerging trends and challenges in the field.

Through a blend of research, theory, practitioner literature, current cases, and recent data, Worth provides a holistic view of nonprofit management. From understanding the historical foundations of the American nonprofit sector to grappling with contemporary issues such as fundraising strategies and social entrepreneurship, this book serves as an indispensable guide for anyone involved in or interested in the nonprofit world. Worth's work not only educates but also inspires readers to effectively lead and manage nonprofit organizations in today's dynamic environment.


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Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice reviews
financeguy?2008 Weitzekker Berkeley

Michael Worth is the best! Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice is certainly a good one for MBA students
Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice reviews
Steph Pasadena

I found this book very helpful - Michael Worth is a great teacher and writer. Probably Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice is the one of the best on the topic
Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice reviews
Katherine Hu Totonto

Got a PDF Kindle cversion of Nonprofit Management Principles and Practice - I guess a hardcopy would be better. Michael Worth is a top-level prefessional