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A book by Patrick King, ISBN 979-8579327079

Read People Like a Book: How to Analyze, Understand, and Predict People’s Emotions, Thoughts, Intentions, and Behaviors (How to be More Likable and Charismatic).

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Read People Like a Book by Patrick King

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Speed read people, discern body language, detect lies and comprehend human nature. Can one analyze people without them speaking a word? Yes, they can. Learn how to become an ‘introspector’ and forge deep connections. What to do if someone doesn’t trust you. How to get inside another person’s head without them knowing. Read people like a book isn’t a regular book on body language of face expressions. Yes, it contains all of those things, but this book is much more about understanding human psychology, and nature. We are what we are because of our pasts and experiences, and this guides our actions and habits more than anything else. Some parts of this book read like a fascinating and applicable psychology textbook. Look into yourself and others!

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Understanding the subtle signals that you send out and increasing your emotional intelligence. Patrick Kings is an internationally bestselling author, social skills coach, and speaker. His writing draws from a wide range of sources, including scientific research, academic experience and personal experience. He teaches readers how to decode and understand the body language of others, and how to read and analyze people. Find shortcuts to connect quickly with strangers.

The art of reading and analyzing others. How to spot lies. Diagnosing personality types. Decoding the most with the least. Exactly what kind of eye contact to use. How to get people to open up to you.

Let's face it, most of the problems we encounter in our lives are not about the situation, but rather about the person in front us. Whether it's a mother, father, brother, sister, coworker, or even significant other; there may be a gap in understanding between two people. That's normal and acceptable. However, what if you could learn how to understand people, their motives, and what makes them tick so that you can connect with them better? This is renowned author Patrick Kings' specialty: distilled emotional intelligence, coupled with a plethora of the most recent scientific research in the field, to help you decode why people do the things they do. He blends his innate instincts for human analysis with a wealth of the latest scientific research to deliver the results you want: better relationships and higher self-esteem, confidence, self-understandings, and overall fulfillment and joy.

Read people like a book - reviews

Read people like a book review by PoseidonPR

The book goes over lots of basic principles in psychology & behaviorism and explains them really well. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to start out in psychology or anyone who wants to understand the human subconscious more clearly.


Read people like a book review by Evinpinar

Overall, it is an enjoyable book to read which touches upon psychological and personality type studies like Myers-Briggs and Keirsey. While I disagree with some parts which involve stereotypical thinking, the main message is 'Look for the context, then understand people.'

Read people like a book review by Angel Veliz

This book taught me how to see through lies. If I could put those lessons into practice I could find out that no one is perfect and that we all have skills inside us to spot liars.

Read people like a book review by Isaac Miller

This book really supports science and its evidence-based approach. I learned a lot about psychology from this book that I can't wait to apply in my own life.


Read people like a book review by Jolanta

Yet another so-so self help book where a guy quotes smart people, mostly therapists and famous authors who actually had some experience on the subject. I would call this a piece of writing rather than a book you should buy. He adds little if nothing of her own ideas. Go for C. G. Jung instead or other writers he quotes and uses as references if you're looking for something serious.If you are not a fan or reading and simply want an easier brief on the subject, then go for this one.I do not recommend it, however.


Read people like a book review by Safa Ismail

At the moment I am enjoying watching Criminal Minds, a show that takes us into the BAU where we watch people's bodies and actions to try and understand why they act the way they do. Read People like a Book, by Patrick King, is a step-by step guide on how to read people in everyday life. This is not a book about finding a serial killer but it does teach us how to spot someone who might be planning something bad. In the book, he uses real life examples and casual writing usage, to further convey his text, and paint a picture for us. There are five chapters in this book, with different categories under each one.

Starting off, In Chapter 1, King talks about the basics about psychology and gives you background info that will help you read better. He talks about the most famous psychologist in the world, Mason Maslow, and how he came up with the idea of a hierarchy of needs. To be fair, this is the only thing that goes into extensive psychology studies that is valid and has an actual psychologist's name attached to them. There were other mentions to other psychologists very briefly, but King used their ideas together and made them his own, not using any of their research to prove his points. Throughout this book, Kings says nothing is scientific, and I'd agree with him there. I'd love to see more mention of other psychologists to back up or confirm everything he says throughout the book. Next comes Chapter 2 where King starts to go into Surface Reading Body Cues and Facial Expressions. This chapter was more simple common sense on reading someone, but it was also very basic and superficial. This chapter was more about reading someone's emotions rather than reading their thoughts.

In the book King uses the examples of a girl playing with a necklace and feeling anxious. I feel like these body cues King used as examples to read people were just things anyone without reading the book would know. Next, the third section in the book talks more on our personality and how we deal with our emotions through our action and personality. For example there are seven coping mechanisms King identified in his book. These coping mechanisms are very superficial, for example using denial as a way to deal is very common and it does not require a book to figure out someone is denying their emotions by ignoring them, next, in the fourth chapter King says that reading body language is uncertain. I understand what King is trying to say by saying this, but he said this throughout the book. So I don't think that a whole chapter on how this book could be wrong needs to be added.

In the last chapter of the novel, King concludes his discussion of how to perceive others by suggesting that we should "thin slice" our perceptions. We can do this by removing extraneous information (other people) to reveal what lies beneath. For example, we can see a person's face without distractions such as clothing or makeup, and we can hear their voice without background noise. These two examples show us how we can thin slice our perceptions to reveal what lies beneath them.

Read people like a book review by Angelina

In this book the authors invite us to explore areas such as motives, body language, personality types in order to analyse, comprehend, and predict people's emotional states, thoughts, intents, and behaviors. The authors offer ten questions that we can ask ourselves in order to better understand ourselves and others, and these questions are: 1

. What kind of price would I work hard for? And what punishment could I work hard to avoid? (helps to identify true motives behind their drive, what drives them, what matters the most, it can reflect in values, look at their wants, needs)

2. Where would I spend my money, where would I skimp all together? (reveal what matters to them, what they desire to experience and what to steer clear of!)

3. What is my most personal, meaningful achievement; my greatest disappointment and failure? (helps to understand their flows and what makes them feel good, who they want to become, if their expectations were met or not)

4. what is affording and what is exhausting?( helps to indicate where do people really find happiness)

5. If you got to design a character in an online game which character traits would be you emphasize and which ones you would ignore? (what people see as ideal self, what’s not so important in the world)

6. what traits are common among people? (people mostly will describe their own qualities that they brr r eal live they have)

7. What charity will you give millions to if you had t o? ( what they care ab out widely /values ideas /motivation )

8. what animal best describes yourself?

9. what’s you favorite movie?

10. what would you save from a fire in your house?

11. what scares you the least? ( avoid, detest, fear )

Read people like a book review by Bruni Marco

Not a comprehensive work on all aspects of human behavior, but a great way to get an overview of a lot of important topics. In addition, it provides lots of useful tips and advice on how to improve our relationships with others. I think it would be hard to write a book that covers every aspect of human behavior, but this book does a pretty good job of covering a wide range of issues.


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Read People Like a Book reviews
Britney2002 Totonto

Patrick King is the best! Read People Like a Book is certainly a good one for MBA students
Read People Like a Book reviews
Margaret Pasadena

It is a comprehensive (really) book - Read People Like a Book by Patrick King really helps you to understand the topic
Read People Like a Book reviews
Henry Delaware

I am surprised! Thank you Patrick King for this outstanding book - Read People Like a Book is surely among the best