The D2T crypto token has already attracted $2m investment – time to buy?

New cryptocurrency analytics platform Dash 2 Trade has completed its first pre-sale phase. The price of the D2T cryptocurrency rose from $0.0476 to $0.05 (ref.:

The D2T crypto token has already attracted $2m investment – time to buy?

The Dash 2 Trade pre-sale consists of nine phases, during which the cryptocurrency will rise.

D2T crypto has raised $2 million

The D2T crypto pre-sale is well underway and over $2 million has already been raised so far.

Those wishing to participate in the presale can do so on the company's website, where Dash 2 Trade can currently be purchased.

D2T crypto

The D2T crypto token is an integral part of the Dash 2 Trade cryptocurrency analytics platform. There is a free version of the platform, but those users who want extended access to all the features on offer will have to pay a monthly subscription to D2T.

The D2T crypto token has already attracted $2m investment – time to buy?

The entry-level subscription will cost D2T 400 per month, while the professional level will cost D2T 1,000.

Those wishing to participate in the presale can pay for their subscription with a variety of cryptocurrencies, while those who prefer alternative payment methods can use credit and debit cards.

Social trading platform

Many trading platforms focus on a small number of indicators, especially those related to technical analysis.

However, Dash 2 Trade hopes to change this situation by also offering many different social indicators, especially those that will be most useful for retail traders.

These social sentiment indicators allow traders to assess how popular a particular asset is at a particular moment in time, which can be extremely useful.

When used in tandem with other forms of analytics, the effectiveness can be even higher - the Dash 2 Trade platform allows its users to easily create automated trading strategies, and this is a strong STP.

The platform helps traders stay one step ahead

In addition to being able to assess social sentiment and use technical analysis, the D2T crypto platform allows traders and speculators to stay one step ahead.

Users of the platform will receive extremely useful information like alerts on new listings - the release of coins to cryptocurrency exchanges. Given how unpredictable cryptocurrency markets react to news, this gives Dash 2 Trade users a huge advantage.

Participate in pre-sales with D2T crypto

In addition to offering a variety of trading signals for retail speculators, Dash 2 Trade opens up the opportunity for everyone to participate in pre-sales on its platform.

Presales is an area of the cryptocurrency space that allows investors to benefit from the growth of early-stage projects.

The ability to gain early access to projects, which is often limited to venture capital funds, means that individuals have the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency before it goes viral. Early investors in pre-sales of projects such as Ethereum, Krabada and Lucky Block have been able to multiply their investments.

All of this utility being created on the D2T crypto platform means that the value of D2T should also grow very quickly in the coming months and years as the ecosystem becomes more developed.

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