Loro Piana signs pact with Aura blockchain to guarantee the excellence of its garments

The maison launches a new authenticity and traceability service certified by the Aura Blockchain Consortium.

Loro Piana signs pact with Aura blockchain to guarantee the excellence of its garments

A master in transforming the noblest fibres into fabrics, clothes and accessories, Loro Piana has decided to tell the story of its supply chain, and every step of the production process, with a new digital certification service. It did so on the occasion of the opening of its new boutique in Palo Alto, California, and by signing an agreement with Aura Blockchain Consortium (founded last 2021 by some of the most important luxury groups, such as Prada, Otb, and Richemont, united to face the shared challenge of communicating the authenticity, traceability and sustainability of their products). 

The LVMH group's Masion has joined the project by creating a Qr code for the labels of 20 garments which, when scanned with an electronic device, provides the product's traceability information, as well as the history of its manufacture, from the farm that produces the fibre to the arrival of the finished garment in the boutique. The garments selected for the project are made entirely of "The gift of kings" wool, a special fibre patented by Loro Piana obtained by shearing selected examples of merino sheep bred in Australia and New Zealand. By means of the QR code, it is also possible to register the ownership of the garment which, according to a hereditary traceability approach, will be passed on from generation to generation, subject to transmission of the aforementioned certificate of ownership. Finally, each of the twenty pieces is associated with an exclusive 3D digital artwork created by London-based artist Charlotte Taylor, who reinterprets the journey of The Gift of Kings® by immortalising the quintessence of the world's finest wool.

Starting from mid-March and with the Spring Summer 2023 Collection, this innovative and transparent digital certification will be extended to all new garments made in The Gift of Kings® available in all Loro Piana boutiques worldwide.

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