Dell Technologies will lay off 6,650 employees – 5% of its workforce

U.S. computer equipment manufacturer Dell Technologies announced that it is laying off 6,650 employees in offices around the world. This is 5% of the company's headcount. After the event the company will employ 126.3 thousand people.

Dell Technologies will lay off 6,650 employees – 5% of its workforce

At the beginning of 2023 at Dell Technologies included 133 thousand employees. One third of them worked in the United States.

Dell explained that the reduction of staff due to difficult market conditions, which continue to worsen because of the fall in PC sales, which accounted for more than half of the company's revenue.

In 2022, Dell management was able to keep its full workforce with the implementation of cost-cutting measures, including suspending hiring of new employees and imposing limits on business travel and events. In addition to staff reductions, Dell is going to streamline departments and teams to make them more efficient as part of a reorganization of departments and management structure.

Earlier in 2023

In early February, Match Group, the owner of Tinder, announced the reduction of 150 employees - 8% of its staff.

Splunk made a similar announcement. The software company announced plans to cut about 325 employees, or 4% of its staff, due to the need to cut costs.

Social platform and photo hosting Pinterest also announced cuts of 5% of its staff. The event will affect about 150 employees from San Francisco-based development teams, as well as employees in some offices in different countries.

In early February, Miro announced it was laying off 119 employees, and Autodesk talked about laying off 250 workers.

Technology companies laid off a total of more employees in January 2023 than in the last two months of 2022, according to the TrueUp tracker. More than 99,900 workers have been hit by layoffs since the beginning of the year, with more than 50,500 last November and about 40,300 in December.

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