Eight jobs that ChatGPT and AI threaten to blow up

Although the ChatGPT and AI artificial intelligence boom has only been bursting out for a few months, according to Bill Gates, who knows a thing or two about digital revolutions, it is a fundamental technology, comparable to the advent of the Personal Computer, of PCs with a graphical user interface, then Macs and then Windows PCs, and also comparable to the advent of the Internet: too bad, however, that the enormous potential and functions that AI is already capable of performing now, and we are only at the first steps in the real world, already seem more than enough to threaten numerous jobs and categories of professions, even skilled ones.

Eight jobs that ChatGPT and AI threaten to blow up

According to optimists AI will never completely replace humans; rather, it will become a new tool that will disproportionately increase productivity and efficiency. For pessimists, on the other hand, it is only a matter of development and time: when AI technology is mature, it may replace humans in numerous jobs and activities.

Before the advent of ChatGPT some futurologists said 20 years from now, but after seeing it in action it seems that the timeline will be significantly shorter, perhaps as little as 5-10 years as Bill Gates believes.

Based on what we have seen so far Business Insider interviewed several experts to come up with a list of the ten jobs and professions most likely to be replaced by ChatGPT and related AI. Actually the original list contains 10 professions, but in our opinion all threatened jobs can be included in these 8 categories that we summarize below:

Programmer, software engineer, data analyst

Even the first public version of ChatGPT, with learning stopped a few years ago, is able to generate code from a user's textual description of the functions to be performed by the program. Even those who believe that AI will never completely replace humans are certain that with this technology what today requires an entire team of programmers in the future with AI may serve very few people.

Media: journalism, content creation, graphic design, advertising, technical articles

Those who have read the articles written by ChatGPT think that in many cases they are written even better than several people can do. Mistakes also happen frequently, and Google knows that, but developments here seem to be continuing apace.AI has demonstrated that it can write, compose scripts, create images from in-text descriptions, compare products and data sheets, generate charts and summarize huge amounts of data in minutes, and create emails, resumes, graphs and presentations.

Legal jobs, assistants

And it is precisely the ability of generative language networks to grind out huge amounts of information and data that is the main threat to legal office workers and assistants. In the U.S., a preliminary version of ChatGPT passed several university exams including law, medicine and masters in business adiministration.

Marketing and market research

The collection of large amounts of data to then identify the most important trends and opportunities, ultimately leading to the construction of effective marketing and positioning campaigns, are key here. Again, tasks that AI already seems to be able to do quite well.

Schooling and teaching

Now professors are concerned about students presenting research and evidence created by chatGPT and AI, but according to some analysts they should also be concerned about the workplace. We can envision the advent of AI instructors and tutors customized to each child's learning and training needs, subject by subject, but here the human relationship still seems paramount, at least in elementary school.

Finance, analysts, personal financial advisors, stock traders.

As above, managing huge amounts of data to extrapolate upward or downward market trends, a perfect task for AI. To improve analysis and advice, the AI financial advisor could also evaluate expert opinions and reports from financial firms to propose better investment plas. Some of the well-paid stock market jobs and traders are also at risk.


So far, accounting and related jobs are seen as a stable profession that is always in demand, but here, too, AI could create several problems.

Customer support

Numerous users have already been exchanging chat messages for inquiries and customer support; those of some companies have already been handled for years by AI systems trained for the purpose. It is very likely that this trend will strengthen over time, with more and more automated corporate chatbots, fewer people in departments and call centers.

According to Bill Gates and also Steve Wozniak we need to pay attention: the technology is exciting, but both legendary entrepreneurs believe that AI could take an unexpected development, even harmful to humans. Bill Gates believes AI could revolutionize the labor market, while OpenAI founder Sam Altman goes a bit further, because in his opinion AI could even destroy capitalism.

Unfortunately, so far the promises and even the most noble and inspired attempts to find an altenative to capitalism and market economics have ended badly.It would be a dream if digital technology succeeded where war, philosophy, politics and market economics have all failed.

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